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Twistipedia : Learn to Setup Rigs and Tie Knots
Tie a Drop Shot Rig
Tie the Palomar Knot
Texas Rig Plastics
Tie a Clinch Knot
Trout Bead Pegged with Toothpick
Exclusives : Featured shows with our Crew
Deepwater swimbaits for post spawn smallmouth bass
Jigging Kawartha Walleye
Cranking trees for largemouth bass
First Ice Lakers 2 : Lake Simcoe Ontario
First Ice Lakers
Sunset Kings
Steelhead on the Swing
Staging King Salmon
Countdown Browns
Persistence Flipping for Bass
Quick Tips : Secrets and shortcuts to help you become a better angler
Using your graph when ice fishing to monitor bait and trigger fish
Try using braided line when ice fishing in deeper water
Dealing with iced up fishing rods in cold temps
Moving up wind, drop shotting in heavy cover
Jim Saric on Sharpening Muskie Hooks
When to fish a straight or jointed crankbait for Muskie
Jim Saric Go-To leaders for Muskie Fishing
Choosing the right Muskie Bucktail for Weather Conditions
Casting to Shoreline Cover
Choosing the right line for ripping blade baits in cold water for smallmouth bass
Bonus Walleye Strolling Technique Tip 1
Simple but effective it triggers fish into striking when they may other wise chose not to eat
More tips to hook Lake Trout using the Poor mans downrigger
How to locate early season smallmouth bass in a river system
Bonus Walleye Strolling Technique Tip 2
Tuning Drop Shot Weight to Catch More Fish
Drop Shotting Urban Cover
Proper placement of Sonar in Deep Water
How to Use a Hand Auger
Flipping Jig Maintenance
How To Angling Video Series
Fly Series 07 : Roll cast with a fly rod
Fly Series 06 : Do a basic fly cast
Fly Series 05 : Tie a loop knot on a fly used for retrieval to get more action
Fly Series 04: Make an easy practice fly to use when learning to cast a fly rod
Fly Series 03 : Line your Fly Fishing Rod
Fly Series 02 : Mounting Reel to Fly Fishing Rod
Fly Series 01 : Properly Assemble a Fly Fishing Rod
Fly Series 00 : Properly Disassemble a Fly Fishing Rod
How to Drop Shot in Heavy Cover
How to Fish a Poor Man's Downrigger
How to rip blades for cold river Smallies
How to Stroll for Winter Walleye
Fish Wild Golden Shiners for Largemouth Bass
Raw Footage
CG Raw Footage : Ice fishing on Lake Simcoe wit Ryan and Paul
Promotion : Charter and Guide Promotional Videos
Scotty Fishing Products
Nishine Lure Works
X-Zone Lures
Our team of year round fishing professionals. You can watch, learn and book a fishing trip with any of our crew members and their companies.
Paul Castellano owner of Cast Adventures fishing guide service.
We Pound Em Fishing
Fly Fitters
Lake Run Fishing
Fish City TV
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