Staging King Salmon

Throughout the seasons, there are those blocks of time when Salmon are right where you want them to be. On Lake Ontario, Canada there is an abundance of Chinook Salmon ready to peel line off the deepest spools throughout the year. Here we have Charter and Guides Ryan Hare from We Pound Em' Sportfishing showing us how much fun it can be to get a good "poke" from Staging Kings, and how to handle them properly!

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Ryan Hare
We Pound Em Fishing
My passion for fishing started at a young age. Fishing the local streams and rivers for trout and salmon was how I spent every bit of extra time I had.
My father was an avid outdoorsmen and my older brother Adrian followed in his foot steps. I was fortunate to be able to tag along on some fishing adventures and from that grew my love of fishing.

Over the years I have expanded my knowledge through first hand experience, fishing with some incredible anglers and putting in endless hours on the water to develop strategies that work.
My two true passions are downrigging and ice fishing.
closely followed up by chasing migratory steelhead. 
When not on the water I enjoy competing in Professional MMA and amateur Boxing and work as a self employed finish carpenter.
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