Fly Series 03 : Line your Fly Fishing Rod

Mike Verhoef (Fly Fitters Guided Fishing Adventures) takes us right to the beginning to educate us on Fly fishing with this simple but informative video on how to line your fly fishing rod. Fly fishing is an art that takes a lot of practice, time and education. There are many Anglers out there that want to learn about fly fishing and where to start. This series is dedicated to educating and teaching you about fly fishing through quick and informative videos. Mike's Website :

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Mike Verhoef
Fly Fitters
Fly Fitters offers guided fly fishing, spey fishing, and sport fishing adventures on the Maitland River, Bayfield River, and Saugeen River in SW Ontario, along the shore of Lake Huron, located near the town of Goderich, Ontario.
Our in-depth knowledge of these rivers in southwestern Ontario will allow you to have a very rewarding day on the river! Fly Fitters is the premier fly fishing guiding operation along Ontario’s West Coast. We entertain a small number of guests at a time, allowing us to tailor experiences to your preferences. This ensures everyone enjoys an outstanding wilderness fly fishing adventure.
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