How to rip blades for cold river Smallies

When fishing rivers in early spring and the water is cold try this technique for smallmouth bass. Simple but effective it triggers fish into striking when they may other wise chose not to eat! Casting and ripping blade baits mimics dying baitfish and drives bass crazy!

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Paul Castellano
Cast Adventures
Paul Castellano is the Owner/Operator of Cast Adventures and one of the Elite Guides found in the Niagara Region. Fully licenced and insured with over 25 years of experience on the water and 15 years of competitive fishing, his diversity and expertise of how to catch all species of fish is what makes him stand out from the rest.

Paul has been featured in numerous TV shows and magazines showcasing his talents targeting such species as steelhead, smallmouth bass, lake trout, brown trout, and carp, using both traditional gear and on the fly.
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