Tie a Drop Shot Rig

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Oddly enough, this technique first developed by saltwater fisherman, yet has been popularized by the bass fishing community. Here’s you’ll see the simple method to tying one of your new favorite riggings.

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This knot when tied properly almost matches 100%  of your lines test rating. This is arguably the best knot to use with braided fishing line in most applications, however it works well with non braided lines as well.
Known for it’s characteristics of running completely weedless, a texas rigged plastic has become a staple in most bass fisherman’s arsenals. Rigged with a weight, or without, it is a very versatile rigging for targeting a variety of species.
A properly tied clinch knot is secure and is a great knot to use for mono-filament line. It is easy to tie, and reliable.

Trout beads are plastic and designed to resemble a single salmon or trout egg. This rigging is very popular with Float fishing and fly fishing in rivers for Steelhead , Trout and Salmon. Shown here is one technique for pegging a single trout bead that is highly effective using a toothpick.
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